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Hello and welcome to 700 Calorie Meals the companion website to my book 700 Calorie Meals.

What is 700 Calorie Meals?

The answer is simple. This site shows:

  • How easy it is to eat real foods.
  • How you can eat more food than many diet plans.
  • How to eat enough calories to maintain an ideal weight.
  • The nutrition values in foods.
  • Fast and prepared food vs. home cooked food comparisons.
  • Chemical in prepared foods.

Many prepared diet meals, some are just entrees, have between 300 and 500 calories. Most people need between 2,000 and 2,400 calories per day to maintain an ideal weight.

700 Calories Meals shows how easy it is to eat nutrias foods providing about 2,100 calories per day. By comparing sample breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, you can develop a plan that provides more or less calories depending on your calorie needs and goals.

Obesity Epidemic

A majority of Americans are either overweight or obese and obesity is increasing. The reason is simple. People are eating relatively inexpensive, high calorie, low quality foods. What some people refer to as the Standard American Diet (SAD). A diet of prepared (also knows as processed) foods. The average Americans diet consists of 60 percent prepared foods or about 2 out of three meals. For people who cannot cook it is all meals from the convenient egg muffin sandwich for to the delivered pizza and wings for dinner. What most Americans are getting is affordable prepared foods that are:

  • High in Calories
  • High in Saturated Fat
  • High in Sodium

To make matters worse, most people who are overweight or obese underestimate the number of calories in the diet by up to 5o percent! That means a person believing they are eating 2,000 calories per day is actually eating up to 3,000 calories per day. The extra 1,000 calories maintains their hip or waist body fat reserve.

Frozen Mini Meals

To lose the extra weight, millions of Americans turn to diet programs providing mini meals or frozen 300 to 500 calories meals. Most frozen meals are incomplete entrees with a list of ingredients that makes your head swirl. Here is one example for one of the simplest and inexpensive entree anyone can make at home; spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Frozen Pasta-4029

It provides 300 calories and 540 mg of sodium in a 10.5-ounce (326 g) pre-cooked serving weight. To keep down the calorie count, this entree is about 50 percent sauce and 50 percent pasta.

Frozen Pasta-4039

After cooking in a microwave oven, it is obvious you get a lot of tomato sauce with bits of beef and mushrooms. What you also get is:

Frozen Pasta-4028

  • Modified cornstarch
  • Soy protein concentrate with caramel color
  • Yeast extract
  • Natural flavors Enzyme modified parmesan cheese

Real parmesan cheese is expensive even when is the next to last ingredient in the list.

For many Americans trying to lose weight, this is their complete meal. Add a beverage, salad, bread, and dessert, and suddenly your 300 calorie meal can easily become a 1,000 or more meal.

A healthier alternative is homemade spaghetti using a prepared tomato sauce. You still need to control portion size and side dishes. This website will guide you through the process by showing dozens of meal combinations including beverages providing 700 calories or less.

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